My mother Eunice Robertson, was a major influence on me, from culinary to planning talents. Eunice was employed with Coda-Cola U.S.A. and with her ground breaking advancement, she was the first female executive at Coca-Cola. She served as Food Service Director for 25 years, and inspired me to follow in her footsteps in the catering business.  In those early days, I was hired to provide flowers and food for a major Atlanta wedding salon. I was running a struggling bridal shop when I got a call that would change my life. In 1973 there was a movie that came to Georgia, with a very low budget. Coca-Cola's public relations department called and asked me if I knew how to cater a movie. I swore I'd die and go to hell before I'd cook for a living, but I said, "Oh, sure," not knowing anything about the business. I catered that film called, "The Last Stop." It really was the last stop. remembering, "I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what to do.' We worked in mud, dirt, cold, the worst conditions you could possibly work in.

I thought this type of work was suppose to be glamorous. The movie folded, but my phone kept ringing.                                                            When the Georgia Film Commission was created in 1974, Roadshows Catering truly began. I was recruited to provide catering for Paramount Studios, for the actors and crew of the film, "The Longest Yard," starring Burt Reynolds, at the Georgia State Penitentiary in Reidsville, Ga. Thus began my career in production catering, with over 100 major movies between 1973-2006. Roadshows Catering was also hired to provide catering for thousands of crews filming commercials for television during that period. While the majority of the catering of this family owned business was in film production for over 25 years, private, corporate and church events have become the main settings for our outstanding catering and event planning. Contact us regarding your next occasion, large or small. We will prepare a no-obligation proposal and discuss all of the details with you.